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topic: loosen yourself.

text: proverd 6:2-3
as a child of God,you must leard how to loosen youself from problems,difficulties,and spiritual entanglements.some people are good to loosen other but the fail to minister to themselves.you must arie and loosen up yourself from any entanglement.
  One of the ways people entangle themselves,is by the power of the tongue,when you make promise without fulfiling them or promising peole without meeting their need.that is the way of the devil. becuse he has chain so many people with fake promise that will not com to pass.
     So many people have been entangle by evil declaration in their life that makes them to be dissappointed,disgrace,discouraged or depressed.instead of loosen yourself,you continue to aggravate the situation.and keep on complaining. you look your self as a ni body,anothing man,an emty man.a finish man.you said to yourself l will die,
  no man can say a thing and it come to pass when the lord has not spoken.l declered over your life as God servant your season has com to pass in JESUS NAME.


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