taccmuyuka2district - DOCTRINE


1. The unity of the Godhead and the trinity of the persons therein.
2.The utter depravity of human nature,and the neccessity of repentance and regeneration,and the finally doom of the impeniteint .
3.the virgin birth, sinless life atoning death,triumphant recsurection ascension abinding intercession,of our lord Jesus christ his second coming and millianal reing upon the earth.
4.The Justisfication and the sanctification through the finished work of christ.
5.The baptism of the holy ghost for the believers with signs following.
6. The nine gifts of the holy ghost for the edification,exhortation and comfort of the church which is the body of christ.
7.The sacrament of  baptism by immension and of the lord's super.
8.The divine inpiration and the authority of the holy scripture.
9.Church government by Apostles,Prophets,Evangelists,Pastors,Teachers,Elders,and Deacons.
10.The possibilty of falling from grace.
11.The obligatory nature of tithes.

                      THE RULES OF BELIEF

1. The personal testimony of your salvation in christ.
2. Your acknowledgement of, and obedience to,the order and officers of the church:Apostls,Prophets,Evangelists,Pastors,Teachers,Elders,and Deacons.
3. Your present in the meeting of the church and abidance in full communion:that is,not to absent yourself more than three time from communion without sufficient reason give for your absence.
4.Your conformity with the fundamental Doctrines of the church,as well as with the two holy ordinances,namely,baptism by immension,and the lord's super.
5. That you contribute toward the support of the cause as taught unto us in the word of God.
6. The you keep the counsels of the church within the church.
7. That you pray for and help every members,remembering that we are joint members in the body of christ.
8. Endeavouring to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace.

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