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                  MUYUKA  2  DISTRICT





Rev.Dr.Okposin David
Assistant Secretary General TACC
Group 18 Supervisor Muyuka


Pastor Fred Collins Omechamba.
District Pastor.


the apostolic church muyuka 2 district was created on the 17 July 2011.this district had been since from it creation.the district was made up with three assemblies, Muyuka 2 Owe 2 Owe 1.presently it has a prayer cell going on now.  
     I Count it a privilage to be  the first District Pastor to present some of this information.the muyuka 2 district was divided from the dean muyuka distict supervise by Rev.Dr.Okposin David as the district pastor and supervisor who made this vission to come to pass.also thanks to the national president and members of the national council of the apostolic church cameroon. It is obvious today, as l throw a retrospective glance in the work of the church by some of our fathers who have left us in this work of the lord.the work has been planted by them through the power of the holy spirit.nevertheless this has not been void of difficulties,challanges,depressions,and sacifice of the work.
      The muyuka 2 district has been one of the outstanding district in group 18 muyuka as a hold. The apostolic church came to cameroon by Elder Oyoyo of nigeria who is of blessed memory. the church has been poinering by some leaders of the church,immediatly after the white left us.like Rev.Apostle A.Ntungwen,Apostle A.M. Mokwe.Apostle.J.M.Kwo.Apostle.H.E.Betang,Apostle.Dr.PE.Tambe,Apostle.Dr.T,V.Ndih who is the current president.



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